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Rules of Submission [PLEASE READ.]

Now a part of Grouple.

In General:
-Limit of 3 deviations per day.
-Make sure you submit to the proper folder.
-Cosplay is welcome, as long as the photo is also a work of art.
-Please no sketches (unless it is a manner such as this, in which case: go for it.) Make sure the work is finished in some way, be it outlined or colored in.
-Please make sure it's work from something released in America during the '90s. I hate to be biased, but.

The goal of this group is to celebrate and remember some of the forgotten but fantastic cartoons and movies that came out in the nineties. Basically, if seeing these pieces makes you inhale sharply and exclaim, "Holy SHIT, I remember that [show, movie, etc]!!" our job is done.

-Don Bluth (Anastasia, Thumbelina)
-Disney's old shows (Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin)
-Other non-Disney films (Cats Don't Dance, the Iron Giant)
-Cartoon Cartoons and Nicktoons
-Obscure '90s shows (Beetlejuice, Sky Dancers)

-Anime fan art.* Find another group.
-Uber popular Disney movies. Find another group.
-Shows geared towards adults. Find another group.
-Your sooper kool OC. Find another group.
-Tits, clits, and naughty bits.** Find another group.
-Fanfics. Find another group.
-Non-canon pairings (i.e. slash pairings). Find another group.

*That is not to say the style itself is unwelcome.
**The censored work in the galleries is pieces that I personally don't find inappropriate. Sometimes people put up a censor because they just want the attention or they're afraid some sensitive asshole will report their work.
So I've noticed some people are trying to submit photos they've taken of their personal merchandise from a particular TV show or movie.  Like, snapshots of this stuff, not even artistic photos.

You did not make those stuffed animals/figurines/etc.  This is not your artwork!  Why are you even uploading this to devART in the first place?  If you want to show off your awesome merch, post it to Facebook or something.  DeviantART really isn't the place for that, and I'm not accepting it in the group.

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UnassumingLocalLady Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Are stamps allowed?
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GOD all the memories!
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SWAT Kats Fans: We have reached $50,000…
However, this ain't over! If we could raise it even higher we'll make SWAT Kats a bigger success! Check the campaign for more details!
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Heehee, I said that about a couple of your posts. XD
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does anyone have any newws on the new swat kats reboot? I hear there is one in the works but I can't find ANYTHING about it :(
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SWAT Kats Kickstarter friend!!…

Go, go, spread it everywhere!!
mrspurdospardo Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
AAAAAAAAAAAH! 90s is so much more enjoyable when they based on the Clinton and Yeltsin!
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For those who like Wild West C.O.W-Boys of Moo Mesa, there's a new Group Site here for them; :iconmoomesa-fc:

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